Using The Lexicon

How to Use This Tool?

Type a word or phrase into the search bar. The ALW cipher value will automatically be calculated and a list of letters, words and phrases (of up to 16 words) from Liber AL of equal value will be shown.

How you interpret this data is up to you. We have found insight stringing together multiple phrases or words with the same value that fit grammatically into something resembling cut-up method poetry, as well as picking out phrases that resonated with the name or phrase we were analyzing. Results are open to interpretation and a bit of psychic intuition plays part. Use your imagination.

Do not read deeply into the order of the results displayed. Individual matches are not neccessarily meant to be interpreted as one string of text; indeed, results will often make little grammatical sense, though occasional happy accidents occur.

Searching Other Books

By default the tool searches the Liber Al but by clicking "Advanced" you can instead search the class A texts of Thelema as well as the Principa Discordia and the King James Bible.

Reasearch Project from
The Celestial Lodge of Sirius